Long Distance Moves

We can be wrong with this assumption, but most customers would like to know how much moving will cost before they ask other details about the job. It is important to keep in mind that every move is unique, which means the cost may be slightly different from another. 

Here are some of the factors a professional moving company considers when determining the cost of the move, particularly long-distance relocations. 

  • Your point of origin – Wherever you’re coming from is an important factor to consider because we need to drive their first to load your items. You can expect the cost to drive up if you are coming from a faraway place. 
  • Where you’re moving to – Where you are moving to is also an essential factor when it comes to the total cost of a long-distance move. If you are relocating to a distant location, it follows that the cost will go up. We have to consider fuel costs, as well as the labor needed to transport your items. All moving companies take this into account, so be careful of those that offer unreasonably high prices and too-good-to-be-true low prices. 
  • Date of the move – The secret to a stress-free move is planning. This is the reason why we encourage our customers to consult us ahead of time. This will allow us to outline everything about your move and let you have a positive moving experience. We know you don’t want to be rushed because you may forget crucial details about your relocation, so if you can contact us three or more weeks before your move, the better. 
  • How much you’re moving – Whether you are moving a few items or your entire home or business, we can help you every step of the way. Determining how much you’re moving will help us decide whether to use a van or a truck. Of course, choosing the latter will add to the total cost of the service, so it is better if you can let us know how much you are moving so that we can help you in your decision-making. 
  • Weight of items to be moved – This factor is the standard for all moving companies. If you only need to move small items, you can expect to pay the standard amount. However, if you’re moving a grandfather clock and a piano, that will be a different story. Expect to pay more, as this requires much labor, time, and resources.

All these factors add up to determine the final cost of a long-distance move. Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC will come to your property and assess these factors before we offer an honest and accurate estimate.

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