Military Moving

Are you moving temporarily or moving for Permanent Change of Station? Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC is the country’s premier moving company with extensive years of experience in specialty moving, such as military moving. Our team will help you and your family have a smooth, hassle-free moving experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. We have such high regard for military families which is why we go beyond what is necessary to ensure everything goes as planned. 

With consistent high scores in GSA, we can assure you that we know the special requirements of such moves. We have proudly moved thousands of military families over the years of our dedicated service. We can custom our service to the unique requirements of your move to ensure you are given the right solution to your moving problem. 

Military Relocation Services

We, at Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC, continues to innovate ourselves for excellent results every time you use our moving service. We have a full spectrum of moving options that can cater to all your unique relocation needs. Whether it is packing, unpacking, or storage, just mention your needs and we have it ready for you. 

International Moving Support

With great pride, we can say that we have all the skills, as well as the experience in international moving. We have helped military and government families moved in more than one hundred countries with much ease and convenience. We can assist you with every small detail up to the more complicated ones to ensure you don’t miss anything on one of the most important times of your life. From planning to obtaining clearances, you can rest easy that our team will be hands-on to guarantee your satisfaction. 

Interstate Moving Solutions

 We are a premier moving company with a wide connection to hundreds of movers across the country. Whether you need to move interstate or long-distance, you can depend on us for a stress-free relocation. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the stress and anxiety that come with moving. Allow us to ease the burden of moving with the help of our skilled and professional staff. 

GSA Approved Military Movers

Not all moving companies hold the same credentials. Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC is GSA approved moving company which means we are permitted to work with the US Government. Holding this certification assures you that we operate with high standards set by GSA. 

Military and Government Relocation FAQs 

Our company is a full-service moving company that can provide a wide variety of moving services for military and government families. Below are some Moving FAQs to address your most common inquiries. 

How much time does it require to complete a move?

There are different factors to consider to answer this question. It will include weather conditions, time of the year, size of your household, and where you are relocating. It is important to start planning early on to avoid delays and unnecessary stress. We will guide you on deciding the best time to schedule your move, considering all the factors mentioned, as well as your convenience. 

What are the factors in determining the cost of my move?

The cost of military moves is quite standard across the nation. In general, the total cost will go higher if there are add-on services on top of the basic offering. We will consider the size of your shipment and the distance of the travel when computing the final cost of the service. The Full-Value Protection charges will also add to the total cost unless it is waived. 

What distinguishes you from your competitors? 

We have assisted thousands of military and government families throughout our dedicated service. We have realized the value of not just moving belongings, but also families which sets us apart from the rest of the pack. We are passionate about moving lives, and not just relocating boxes and valuables. We can custom our services to meet the exact needs of every family we work with so that they can have a smooth transition to their new home. 

What items can I load in your truck?

We do our best to address all your unique moving needs. However, it pays to know that certain items can’t be loaded to moving trucks. Please take the time to scan the list of restricted items on this list.  

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